The Humorist

The Humorist - Russell Kane Dull. Not particularly amusing or interesting. The problem with a character who lacks empathy is that you have to be a very good writer to make them likeable in any way. Kane is not a very good writer and I was bored of Benjamin White by about page 30. After a few more pages of Kane's torturous similes that don't work and his overly long sentences moving nothing forward, I wanted to put this book in the bin.

Despite the blurb going on about his "First Class Honours Degree", and job as a copy writing manager, which seems a rather crass way to market someone as a legitimate author (perhaps the story should be the focus of the marketing spiel?), this just seemed to be a bit of pointless navel gazing about comedy by a comedian. There's a lesson in there somewhere for people who think their job is interesting enough to base a book on. To many people, it isnt.

At no point did I feel attached to any of the characters or the story and I'm afraid I can't recommend it.