Pure - Andrew Miller

I enjoyed Pure a lot. It's no a rip roaring adventure, or something in which a lot happens. It's a slow moving novel in which we see one man's actions move towards the conclusion set out at the beginning of the story, albeit along a twisting path.

Along the way we meet the colourful and strange residents of the small area of Paris in which he works and how they aid and impede his progress. The story doesn't stray far from one or two key locations and with a lesser writer I'd argue that this could have been problematic, but here it works well.

The book is beautifully written and captures the age excellently. I enjoyed the nods towards the soon-to-arrive 'terror' but was glad that it didn't overwhelm to book.

If you take it as it is and don't expect blood, guts and non stop action, it's a great read.


Edit - For those of you in the UK, the Radio 4 Bookclub episode about Pure is HERE