First Impressions

I like the look of the site. Hopefully, if they can add a few more options, it will be a lot more intuitive and less bloated than Goodreads.


You may be able to do these things, and it's likely me being thick, but a way to quickly change editions of books would be good - importing my .csv file over has pulled up a number of missing and wrong covers and I'd rather not have to spend my Sunday deleting the books and then adding them from scratch.


Also, the blog looks good. A much smarter way of doing things and means you don't just have to write reviews, which hopefully could lead to some more interesting people to follow.




Edit 13/10/13 - editing titles, mainly covers, is not fun. It's a lot easier in blog posts than I thought it might be, but shelves are a pain. Particularly if, like me, you are terrible at metadata or if seeing an image of a sticker on the cover image causes you to have a near meltdown. Not to mention the book cover you read not being available (in fairness it took Goodreads years to offer this - my shelves were full of American covers for ages).